Over the years, I've written lots of software. A few things have been posted at GitHub, including:

Mathematical software

Much of my mathematical research has been helped by the use of the Macaulay2 computer algebra system. Along the way, I've made a few contributions to the project, including two packages:

Though these packages should be included in Macaulay2 version 1.9 and later, you can manually install a package by starting Macaulay2 and executing, e.g., getPackage("VectorFields",Repository=>""); Then you may use use the package by running, e.g., needsPackage "VectorFields"; Older versions of these packages are viewable on GitHub.

I also wrote several programs to compute singular Milnor numbers. They were used for "Solvable Groups, Free Divisors and Nonisolated Matrix Singularities II: Vanishing Topology" (joint with James Damon):