Mathematical Research Interests

My research interests include complex analytic geometry, the singularity theory of holomorphic maps, and connections to representation theory. I am especially interested in logarithmic vector fields, the vector fields that are tangent to a hypersurface or analytic germ; and free divisors, hypersurfaces for which the module of logarithmic vector fields is a free module. I am also interested in the teaching of mathematics, the use of computers for mathematics, and mathematical modeling.

For more information, please see my research statement.

Publications and Preprints

Below are my publications, in (roughly) reverse chronological order. Please contact me if you need access to any of these papers and cannot obtain them by other means. Similar lists are available on my CV, at the arXiv, at Google Scholar, and at ResearchGate.

The LaTeX source files for many of my papers include proofs, calculations, or computer programs, all carefully written up and then placed in comment environments that do not impact the resulting PDF file. If this is useful to you, then you can download the LaTeX source from the arXiv.


You probably want the Notes, not the Slides.